About Waterbbq

Hello we are Waterbbq  a new initiative in the Amsterdam region. Our mission to combine sailing and bbq makes it the ultimate social activity that we love. The donut shape of our boat makes it the perfect way to experience sailing with friends, family or work related meet-ups facing each other in a unique way in Amsterdam!

And so it started, the best of both worlds is within reach.

About Remo Roest, founder of Waterbbq

Hello, my name is Remo Roest.

As you might have noticed our slogan is 'be your own chef and captain'. I value independence, sailing my own direction. Independence is very important to us at Waterbbq and plays a big role in our company culture.

U decide the way you grill your meat, you take control and sail your own way, you decide which tunes you would like to hear, nobody telling you what to do. 

With our concept we offer you your independence!